LAST exhibition day – event change announcementLAST exhibition day – event change announcement

LAST exhibition day – event change announcement

[WMC_e4 opening event & site view on video…]


*Due to unforeseen family needs, Professor Mary Flanagan will not be able to come to Hong Kong as planned. Regretfully we have to cancel her Lecture/Workshop today (2:00-3:30pm).

*Please still join us for the Artists’ Forum 4:00-6:30pm as most of the artists will be present for this event and will do a guided tour themselves.

*Today is the LAST DAY of our exhibition. WE SHALL CLOSE AT 8:00pm today instead of 10:00pm for logistic reasons. Apologies to all visitors if you have planned to come after 8:00pm.



Below please see more images from the exhibition. (For last posting of image, click here…)

Winnie Soon and Helen Pritchard’s jsut code shares secrets with those who have the right communication tools [below]


Enrica Ho’s Le Montage de l’émotion recodes words into colors to form take-away paintings [below]