Screening II “Video as writing machines” + workshop on Generative IllustrationScreening II “Video as writing machines” + workshop on Generative Illustration

Screening II “Video as writing machines” + workshop on Generative Illustration


/ Jan 23, 2010 (Sunday) / 14:00-15:15 / Y-Studio, 2/F, Youth Square

Moment from moments // WONG Chun-hoi王鎮海 / 5m / 2010

Take a look at old photos buried for decades under your bed. Old on the surface, young on the skin. Human growth, plant growth. Human becomes moody. Plants become woody. What makes a moment that moment was not the content itself but its materiality. A few lived moments of mine re-generate a new moment of me, intimately, over the light box, or else they would never have the chance to overlap and dissolve into each other. By the way, how long is a moment?

β // Kenji WONG 王偉健 / 15m / 2010

β is based on the artist’s research of light-box advertisements along the Tsuen Wan Line of the Mass Transit Railway (MTR). The method was to capture all light-box advertisements at every station on 23rd February 2010. The result was 572 photos turned into a 15-minute slideshow in video form.

Map of Problematique // WONG Fuk-kuen 黃福權 / 1m 45s / 2010

This work creates rhythm by regulating the motion of passers-by on the street from footage I collected in Fan Ling. I also want to explore how still and moving images work together to generate musical sense. Audience may consider this an MV, but actually I am re-writing the song Map of the Problematique by MUSE with my images.

I narrate the O // Iriz YUEN 袁雅詠 / 10m 15s / 2010

Listen. Descriptions. Ocean.
Let literature narrates the walk towards the sea.

3 stories // KWOK Chui-han Bao 郭翠嫻 / 3m 18s / 2010

Stories are usually read silently from a book with picture illustrations. This time, there is only my voice speaking words. Let’s see what kind of a story audience will get. I’d like to discover something about seeing and hearing.

Fish 1/2 // KWOK Chui-han Bao 郭翠嫻 / 2m 42s / 2010

One place, One fish. This work is about a fish. It moves in and out of the camera frame randomly. I use the footage to generate a video piece with some hidden rules that instruct me how to organize the shots. Look for the logic behind.

Wide Rothko // Vasco PAIVA / 10m / 2008

Using footage and audio recordings made in Hong Kong and in several locations in the Chinese province of Yunnan, Wide Rothko creates a new form of visualization exploring the relations between abstraction and figurative imagery.

Loss of footage: an invisible consciousness // Keith WONG 黃柏麒 / 5m / 2010

I lost my computer in March 2010, together with it all my video footage in the hard disk. Afterwards, I painstakingly sorted out all possible sources to redeem whatever I could – some final drafts, scratched DV tapes, and clips in secondary storage systems as well as those sent via e-mail. So here is the new story I weaved with the fragments at hand. I seem to discover an invisible consciousness hidden in my visual language, things I cannot talk about in my daily life.

Explosion // Alan KWAN 關子維 / 6m 50s / 2010

There are 3 explosion footages in extreme slow motion. Using Max/MSP/Jitter, I created the effect of two explosion clouds of different colors merging to form a black one. I imagine myself doing what the capitalists do – to act as a manipulator and design images whereby real meanings and nature of things are distorted. Ironically, with the music (Dream by John Cage) and color, the explosion, originally a lethal and terrible thing, becomes poetry or a painting with spreading ink. I have also removed the context: everything except the explosion clouds has been deleted from the scene. I substitute the pleasure of seeing for the contemplation on the horror of violence. But isn’t that what advertising does?

Communication // Winnie CHUNG 仲浩甄 / 4m / 2010

This work questions the normal practice of communication. We receive messages systematically through reading and listening. What would become of communication if what we hear is not what we see?

Live show is(n’t) showing live // Jolene MOK 莫頌靈 / 5m 2s / 2010

This short video plays with the notion of what is and what is not a LIVE SHOW… To me a videographer, a ‘live show’ begins with the moment I press the record button and ends when I press it again, whereas in the editing process, there is hardly any live moments as I show the record of records, and present the presence of the completed present.


Workshop: ‘GENERATIVE ILLUSTRATION’ 衍生漫畫 / Mr. Justin WONG 黃照達

16:00-18:00pm / Video Shooting Studio, 2M/F, Youth Square, Chaiwan

Cutting and pasting have become familiar commands used on the computer in everyday life. This workshop will take the action of “cut and paste” back to its origin and explore how we can draw from a database of graphics to create new artworks. Using graphics from his comics, Justin Wong will lead workshops attendees in creating their own comics by following a simple direction that he uses whilst creating: selection, cutting and pasting. This workshop aims at revealing the infinite possibilities of using database-driven creative methods.

「剪下」及「貼上」,大家對這兩個日常生活經常使用的電腦指令不會陌生。這個工作坊會帶大家體驗「剪下」及「貼上」的起源,及探索我們如何從畫像的 資料庫製作嶄新的藝術品。黃照達會利用他的漫畫繪圖,指導工作坊參加者用 幾個簡單的指令 - 即 「選擇」、「剪下」及「貼上」-創作自己的漫畫。這工作坊旨在揭示資料庫主導創作的無限的可能性。