WMC_e6 here soon ::. CINEMA EXPANDING 象裡有象:通電造影WMC_e6 here soon ::. CINEMA EXPANDING 象裡有象:通電造影

WMC_e6 here soon ::. CINEMA EXPANDING 象裡有象:通電造影

wmce6 2018.08.08

Cinema Expanding: Visualising the Unseen

3 research-based solo/double-solo shows expand our understanding of moving image practices in the digital milieu. Stay tuned.


Artists 藝術家 : Ng Tsz Kwan 吳子昆 | Hector Rodriguez 羅海德 | Wong Chun Hoi  王鎮海 + Yeung Ming Him Hugo 楊鳴謙


01.09.2018 – 20.09.2018 | 11am – 7pm daily

Ng Tsz Kwan 吳子昆
(G)Local Empathy System

Exhibition Hall, 6/F, Sheung Wan Civic Centre

*31.08.2018 [Preview]; 01.09.2018 [Grand Opening]


26.09.2018 – 15.10.2018 | 11am – 7pm daily

Hector Rodriguez 羅海德
Hidden Variables: Forking Paths of Visuality and Technology

Exhibition Hall, 6/F, Sheung Wan Civic Centre

Artist’s talk:
Saturday, 06 October 2018: guided tour by artist (2:00pm) + lecture (3:00pm)
2018年10月6日藝術家導覽 (下午二時)+講座(下午三點)


27.10.2018 – 18.11.2018 | 12nn – 7pm daily

Wong Chun Hoi (Hoi9) 王鎮海 + Yeung Ming Him Hugo 楊鳴謙
Running, walking, jogging along the timeline with the same speed

| Wong Chun Hoi 王鎮海 |
hardworking circuit #1.4 – A switched-on projector [work-in-progress]
勤力電路 1.4 – 開著了的投影機 (持續創作)

| Yeung Ming Him Hugo 楊鳴謙 |
Harmonic Montage

L6, Foo Tak Building, 365-367 Hennessy Road, Wanchai



Keywords 關鍵片語 ::.

Real-time experiments, opening the black box, re-activating the reception location, deconstructing images, deconstructing cinema, reconstructing cinema, sequential ordering and random ordering, AC as artistic raw material, visualizing mathematical concepts, image archive, computational cinema, algorithm, ensemble cinema, visual signal analysis, art and mathematics, overtone, harmonic, montage, custom-made software, visual mathematics, software art, future cinema, art from data, research-based practice, auditory fingerprints, calculus, frames, continuity, inertia turned into force, an on-off switch as a writing tool, hardware random number generator, simple electrical circuit, binary Logic, countable loops, unpredictable clockwork by time difference

解構電影院的實驗現場 | 结构影像 | 黑箱裡的作業 | 排序 | 隨機 | 衍生 | 疊進 | 電力作為藝術創作的原素材 | 影像庫 | 數位電影 | 合成電影 | 視覺訊號分析 | 數學與藝術 | 泛音 | 諧波 | 蒙太奇 | 自製軟體 | 視覺的數學 | 軟體藝術 | 未來電影 | 資料產生的藝術創作 | 以研究為本的創作實踐 | 畫面的格數 | 延續性 | 慣性作為推動力 | 開關作為書寫的行動 | 交流電流作為待發的種子 | 隨機數發生器的硬體 | 電路 | 二進邏輯 | 可數算的迴圈 | 發條裝置不可預測的時差  | 以研究為本的創作實踐 | 聽覺指紋 | 微積分 |

Cinema Expanding: Visualising the Unseen, WMC_e6, August- November, curated by Linda C.H. Lai
《象外有象:通電造影》|「文字機器創作集」第六輯,2018年8月至11月 | 策展人黎肖嫻

Supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council
香港藝術發展局  資助