Education, we mean it. More than talks 有來有往,不一般的講座。Education, we mean it. More than talks 有來有往,不一般的講座。

Education, we mean it. More than talks 有來有往,不一般的講座。

wmce6 2018.08.10

Education, we mean it. WMC artists share what came out of diligent research, but it takes the inquisitive you to make their experiments come alive.












A key feature of WMC_e6 is to cultivate deep understanding. Media Art pieces often require more effort in “opening the black boxes.” Our educational program is not just to meet the audience, but to engage the everyday person in believing that it is worthwhile to go behind a work of media art. Media art is everywhere in our urban landscape. It is time we turned the nature and workings of media art into common knowledge. Start with becoming a trained docent…

**Follow up on Facebook on docent recruitment details. 請留意FB的招募告示。

**If you feel for our educational incentive, please support our docent training and expositions by donating through our Crowdfunding exercise. 若認同我們對媒體教育的信念,請參與我們的「眾籌」募捐


Expositions AND Dialogues 深化活動

【講座 Talk】框中戲,漲落情 “Framed Drama, Sized Emotions”
08.09.2018 (Sat) | 2pm – 3pm
Exhibition Hall, 6/F, Sheung Wan Civic Centre
對談 An open dialogue:
吳子昆 Ng Tsz-kwan (藝術家 Artist)
蘇慧怡 Zoie So (視覺研究學者 Scholar in Visual Studies)

【guided tour by artist + lecture 藝術家導覽+講座】
藝術、科技、存庫 “Art, Technology, and the Archive” | Hector Rodriguez 羅海德
Saturday, 06 October 2018: guided tour by artist (2:00pm) + lecture (3:00pm)
2018年10月6日藝術家導覽 (下午二時)+講座(下午三點)