WMC_e6 第六輯Hidden Variables 歧路結節 開合解謎

到底有幾多作品?10個標題,7組實驗,5個數學理念… How many works are there in this show? 10 titles, 7 rooms, 5 mathematical concepts…

Hector Rodriguez, Inflections (2010-2012)

wmc_e6 2018.10.03
歧路結節,開合解謎 Hidden Variables: Forking Paths of Visuality and Technology | 羅海德 Hector RODRIGUEZ
27.09.2018 – 15.10.2018 (11:am – 07:00pm)
06.10.2018 guided tour (2>00pm) and talk (3:00pm)
上環文娛中心6樓展覽廳 Exhibition Hall, 6th floor, Sheung Wan Civic Centre



分佈展場的是藝術家2011-2018的作品群,有單窗錄像、多頻投影、數碼平面圖、貌似動畫的活動影像、紀錄實驗過程的錄像文字圖表。 一組一組的設置簇聚,細看,是多重的對話和相互連結。同一個數學定理衍生出來的作品長相外貌體格氣質不盡相同,在另一時段的作品裡又找到不一樣的翻身。


Hidden Variables (HV) is designed to be a labyrinth with forking paths for free drifting. You encounter images murmuring and flickering, but you are in fact face to face with technology. HV showcases a scholar with a cinema studies background investigating possibilities in cinema with mathematical and computational algorithmic analysis and invention, the exhibition features artworks by the artist from 2011 to his most recent experiments, varying from single-channel videos, multiple projections, digital prints, animating moving images to audio-visual and textual documentation on processes of research and experimentation. Works are secretly clustered and connected. The same mathematics theory can derive works with different perceptual and physical presence while the same work can also have distinct representation. Visitors therefore should wander between works with curiosity in order to reveal the unseen relations, or, start in the research/reading room to make clear the whole experimentation. The design of forking paths reactivates the desire of seeing. To the passionate viewers, the key is no more than near at hand.

Hector Rodriguez, Flowpoints (2010)