WMC_e6 第六輯Hidden Variables 歧路結節 開合解謎

“The Uncertainty Principle” (2017-2018)

wmc_e6 2018.10.11 | 歧路結節,開合解謎 Hidden Variables | 羅海德 Hector Rodriguez | 最後四天 open until 15 Oct 2018, 11:00 – 19:00 daily

sample details of “M/G” (video) in the room The Uncertainty Principle.


Gabor濾波器是透過處理畫面上特定的光波而識別各類圖像邊界,《The Uncertainty Principle》三套影像均以Gabor濾波器演算而成。

This project applies and foregrounds the system of Gabor image filters, which identify various kinds of edges — horizontal, vertical, and diagonal – by responding to specific visual frequencies in an image.

The exhibition room Uncertainty Principle has three videos.

“Rain” uses vertical Gabor filters in combination with machine learning techniques to extract rain streaks from the opening sequence in Wong Kar-Wai’s film The Grandmaster. The Gabor filters helped to detect visual frequencies corresponding to vertical edges on the image. Most other details in the sequence, including human figures and background, were removed, or become empty space.

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“Folds” uses a sequence of Gabor filters to process repeatedly a short clip from Ingmar Bergman’s Persona. The clip depicts the movement of a young boy in bed. The filters highlight the changing textures of the moving bed sheet. The repetitive structure of the video is meant to encourage us to look at such a brief moment closely. By paying close attention to the texture of the image and the distinctive effects of the different edge-detectors, we are also paying closer attention to the fine quality of movement we normally neglect. Whereas mainstream narrative cinema encourages the viewer to focus on what happens next, this project draws attention to the details of the individual frame.

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“M/G” shows a set of filters applied to the Japanese classic The Forty Seven Ronins by Kenji Mizoguchi. The filters highlight the geometric compositions favoured by this filmmaker.

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