WMC_e6 第六輯Hidden Variables 歧路結節 開合解謎

“Gestus Redux” (2018, original version 2010-12) 姿態。微塑。

wmc_e6 2018.10.20 | More works by Hector Rodriguez from his solo “Hidden Variables”: Gestus (2010-2012; 2018) | 羅海德作品繼續介紹:《姿態》(2018版)|

Gestus: Redux (2018, Hector Rodriguez). In this most recent version of the “Gestus” series, the original movie, Judex (1916, Louis Feuillade) is colour-coded by episode. Windows of same colouring suggest they are from the same episode of the 14-part serial. “Colouring” follows two principles from the silent film period: tinting (for brighter areas) and toning (for the greyer areas.

Gestus is a moving image processing framework that uses computer vision techniques to explore the artistic possibilities of the vector as a symbolic form. It consists of a custom software that generates a vector analysis of the movements of videos in a database, identifying sequences that contain similar micro-movements and rendering them side by side.

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Gestus Redux analyses the movements of source videos in a database, identifying sequences that contain similar micro-movements and rendering them side by side. The current version uses source material drawn from Louis Feuillade’s 1916 serial film Judex.

The source film is shown without interruptions in the centre of the screen. The software identifies and displays eight shots, all from Judex, whose movement (speed and direction) resembles the central segment.

This work draws attention to pure movement, as distinct from the object that moves. Whereas our experience of the cinema is normally directed towards people, objects, and events, Gestus encourages spectators to disregard narrative content and pay close attention to visible movement as an end in itself.

The original film Judex (1916) was shown in cinemas as a serial in 12 chapters, a prologue, and a brief epilogue. Each episode has an average length of less than half an hour. The total running time of the film is 300 minutes. For this installation, each episode has been assigned a specific colour. The colours are designed to approximate the combination of tinting and toning, which was often used during the silent movie period.

an on-site view of Gestus: Redux(2018) at the second of WMC_e6’s exhibition series, “Hidden Variables.,” 2018.09.26 to 2018.10.15, at Sheung Wan Civic Centre, Hong Kong

***More details of Gestus: Redux (2018) with video demo [… …]

***An earlier version of the work: Gestus: Judex (2010-2012) [… …]


《Gestus Redux》透過分析影像微動態把電影中有相同動態的不同片段並置同時同步播放。是次版本以路易・費雅德《猶德士》(又名《審判者》)作為影像庫。

《猶德士》是篇連劇,總片長約300分鐘,分成12章,附楔子與結尾,每章約長30分鐘。《GESTUS REDUX》中每章均配以特定的顏色,以仿效當時默片常用的染色法。

Gestus: Judex (2010-2012), on-site at Taipei’s DAC (Digital Art Center Taipei) in “Descriptions of Hearing”「聽覺摹寫」, 2012.02.11-03.15