Virtual Exhibition

As a creative platform, the computer has mainly been imagined for graphics and animated pictures. The Writing Machine Collective 2nd Edition (WMC_2) begs to open up the computer’s machine capabilities in the play with words, texts and speech, without forsaking the visual. We discover new ways to write playfully via the computer – typing, striking, extracting, overlaying, swaying, walking, and more. Our collective activity invites visitors to partake in the very playful aspects of new media art.

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Call for Submissions

The WMC_2 is now calling for submissions of digital works. The submitted work should be text-oriented, or involve the play with words and text in any digital form. It should also be viewable online. There is no restriction on the software / programming language used.

Every work submitted will enter our “Writing Machine Collective” competition automatically, and be showcased on our virtual exhibition at until the announcement of award-winning works early July.

Submissions deadline: 31/5/2007
Download the submission form at:

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