WMC_e2 第二輯

Inform 7 Workshop 工作坊

  • Date & Time 日期及時間
  • 07, 14, 21, 28.04.2007 (Saturday 星期六)
    14:30 – 17:30
  • Venue 地點
  • PC Lab Y726 Core Y, School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    香港理工大學設計學院(PC Lab Y726 Core Y)
  • Workshop Leader 工作坊導師:
  • Dr. Hector Rodriguez 羅海德博士
    Associate Professor, School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong
  • Conducted in English. Free admission .

As a creative platform, the computer has mainly been imagined for graphics and animated pictures. The Writing Machine Collective 2nd Edition (WMC_2) begs to open up the computer’s machine capabilities in the play with words, texts and speech, without forsaking the visual. We discover new ways to write playfully via the computer – typing, striking, extracting, overlaying, swaying, walking, and more. Our collective activity invites visitors to partake in the very playful aspects of new media art.

Would you like to learn how to write your own text adventure game? How about writing an interactive fiction? Inform 7 is a new programming language designed specifically for adventure games and interactive literature. It is very easy for non-programmers to learn, since it uses natural English sentences. After only a few hours of training, you can begin to write your own game or story. You can design complex locations and objects, even characters who react independently to the decisions of the player.

The basics of Inform 7 will be introduced in a gradual manner. This workshop is designed mainly for friends with little or no programming experience. Those who are afraid of programming are especially welcome.

涉及電腦的創作通常局限於純視覺的一類圖像設計。文字機器創作集第 2 輯 (WMC_2) 希望打破這個框框,在不放棄視覺觀感的前提下,以電腦作為創意寫作的工具,令寫作變成一項好玩的集體活動,也說明打破作者與觀者界限、打開作品的參與性,不單是新媒體藝術的創作方法,也是新媒體藝術的政治理想。

你想嘗試在電腦上自創互動的歷險遊戲/故事嗎? Inform 7 為一嶄新的程式語言,專為創作歷險遊戲和互動文學而設。由於Inform 7以日常英語寫成,你就算不了解電腦程式也會覺得它容易掌握。不出三數小時的訓練,你便會懂得以 Inform 7 編寫遊戲/故事,設計出複雜的環境和事物,甚或一些不受玩者控制的虛擬人物。

這個專為程式初學者而設的工作坊將逐步講授 Inform 7 的基本概念。特別歡迎恐懼電腦程式的朋友前來參與。

  • Supported by 資助
    Hong Kong Arts Development Council
  • Co-organized by 協辦