map01 (2014) / Mike King

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map01 is an experimental visual exploration of procedural interference between transcendental functions.


A few site views of the work as a self-evolving wall projection…















the original blue version of map01

the original blue version of map01




In its original test run, the image was blue in tone, but the artist changed the color to yellow to pay tribute to the Umbrella Movement.



About Mike King

Mike King is a computational artist who works in a visual art domain. His works rely on computation to visualize abstract ideas, subverted scientific findings and imaginary procedures. His work Grapheme, on technostalgia,was part of WMC_e3 (2008).

Mike King 是以電腦程式創作的藝術家,主要從事視覺藝術創作。作品以編寫電腦程式展現抽象概念、顛覆性的科學數據及想像性操作。作品《Grapheme》於2008年文字機器創作集第三輯展出。


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