A quick walk-through of art works exploring computational thinking @ WMC_e4

Kenny CHOW 周嘉年 + D. Fox HARRELL

Coding Landscapes, Crossing Metaphors《「編」風景,「渡」喻意》

The artists adopt visual image sequences to form poetic scenarios, as is the case in Japanese Renku poetry, whereas visitors’ gentle finger work brings in mini human avatars scrolling through the virtual landscape.



[borders] [archive…] [video-1…] [video-2…]

Walking breaks up the illusion of a cohesive landscape – for this is a virtual walk through shared online multi-user worlds. [borders] documents such walks as they reveal hidden virtual property lines, invisible flaws of algorithmic landscape rendering and cut-off points, thus the constructed nature of the apparently seamless world.


Enrica HO 何佩霖

Le Montage de l’émotion 《情感蒙太奇 1.0 版》

A tribute to Wassily Kandinsky, the work Le Montage de l’émotion re-codes words into colors based on the coding system in Chinese telegraph, in order that interpretation gradually gives way to visual perceptual experiences.

向瓦西里 · 康定斯基(W. Kandinsky)致敬的作品,利用中文電報碼把文字訊息轉化成顏色與位置。

HO Yue-jin 何禹旃+ Iras TAM 譚慧心

Mouse-click notation 《嘀嘀.嗒嗒》

This work is a recording machine of the mouse click activities of a computer, at a closer look, a sound installation that re-invents the clicks, alluding to the 2-word/sound utterances of ancient China poetry. Mouse-click notationtravels a long way, mapping the 2-word grievances of ancient Chinese laborers onto the contemporary digital time’s obsession with the binary.



IP Yuk-yiu 葉旭耀

Between the threshold of good and evil: film noir no.1 (Double Indemnity) [watch…]

A re-imagination of the film noir tale of crime and deception as a one-bit moral drama…





Linda C.H. LAI 黎肖嫻 + Gary NG 伍紀穎


What’s in common between scribes copying manuscripts in the medieval age and female workers in garment factories in Hong Kong in the 1960s? Look for the scattered individual stations of their invisible assembly line. Intervene. Your casual input would endow upon an automated system new authorship and moments of play.



Vasco PAIVA (João Vasco Paiva)

Sea of Mountains海之山》[watch…]

A digital video input is used for the score of a generative sound piece, revealing within a framed parcel the immense possibilities of the ocean. Sea of Mountains is an image-and-sound installation, a loop regarding infinity, or is it perhaps an attempt for a glimpse of natural structure?



Hector RODRIGUEZ 羅海德

Gestus (Beta)《姿勢》[archive…]

Cinema is an art of gesture. 19th-century motion studies indicate that isolated gestures can be studied from any spatial temporal location to focus on their kinetic properties. This work invents secret connections between movie clips: the gestures of a person in one video bear the invisible motion trajectory of another invisible being elsewhere.



Zoie SO 蘇慧怡

Mediated Facial第二表情》[archive…] [video impression…]

No dismay at fixing the expression of a face by a grab or a kick, a pull here and a thud there. Mediated Facial is an interactive sculpture made of wooden structures and elastic ropes, a metaphor of how electronic media pull the strings of our everyday communication.



Winnie SOON 孫詠怡 + Helen PRITCHARD

jsut code

Statements on life and death gathered real-time from Twitter are turned into images as a matrix bar code. Only visitors’ participation could activate the decoding of the encoded images to sort out the meanings.



Told TO 涂業生

Visual Diary Generator《文字引擎》

As visitors lay a notepad on the desk, the artist’s memories would be dictated line by line on the blank pages, disclosing the secrets of his visual diaries. The Visual Diary Generator is an experimental installation transforming pixels extracted from video clips into words.



Justin WONG黃照達
City Forum《城市論壇》

City Forum evolves from the artist’s database-driven comic work Gei Gei Gaak Gaak (2007- ), by which repeated usage of image and graphic prototypes generates endless commentaries on social and political issues. With a rich library developed for 3 years, City Forum stretches the print work’s generative possibilities by creating a complex narrative via computational animation, thus loosening the boundary of comic writing.