wmce6 2018.08.12

New media art is more than machine-generated sensory experiences. Our docent workshop series speaks to your curiosity… How did a particular artist conceive their works? What’s the technology research that underscores a work? Why are the operational procedures as important as the work itself?

新媒體創作涉及的不單是機器如何提供新的感官的體驗。WMC_e6 的導賞工作坊發出更多的問題:藝術家的作品是如何構想出來的?過程中的技術研究是如何進行的?常說程序就是作品,這是甚麼意思?這些,又跟新媒體藝術展的原理、歷史脈絡有何關係?請來導賞工作坊,一齊學習研究,刷新我們對藝術和新科技的的想法。


詳情待續,請追蹤專頁。Full program evolving: stay tuned at our Docent Training page


2018年8月25日開始。Workshop starts 25 August.

報名即日開始,8月24日截止Enrol now until 24 August 2018.

The WMC_e6 Docent Workshop series takes students to the gallery’s backstage, meet the artists to learn about their creative processes, and eventually to co-write the guided tour together from different angles. Each student will be provided opportunities to deliver docent in the exhibition, to demonstrate their new knowledge by leading intriguing tours for the visitors.

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