Writing Machine Collective | Edition 7 文字機器創作集 第七輯
Knowledge Asymmetries in the Age of Machine Learning

Online Keynote Presentation + Annotations + Workshop
網上主題演講 + 進深註釋讀書會 + 工作坊
09.2021 – 08.2022

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The new edition of the Writing Machine Collective (WMC_e7) concerns how to live our contemporary life as citizens of a data society that is highly black-boxed with invisible computational writing and reading processes, and yet shapes how we see, how we know, how we make everyday decisions and how we act. When major technology companies relentlessly maintain a high level of confidentiality in their working process and develop diverse services to capture all-rounded behaviour data, social supervision falls behind with technological advancement. The accumulated knowledge asymmetries in the information environment underpin the corporates’ benefits and power in reality.

A series of symposiums and workshops will cover the pervasive machine operations and the corresponding cultural implications in the age of automation that sidelines individual human intervention. We ask what factors are at work that have made coding a minority activity. If coding and computing have gradually become a pertinent part of our everyday life, how could we afford to be indifferent or remain an under-informed consumer? What potentials of computing have been hidden from us?

By unfolding the knowledge which was intentionally black-boxed and privileged to the minority, the programme aims to raise audiences’ level of attention to the social manipulation embedded in everyday technological services, as well as start responding to the knowledge imbalance via direct participation in coding. This symposium will provide a forum to reflect on the state of democracy and public participation in a technologically-mediated world.

文字機器創作集第七輯 (WMC_e7) 關注當今數碼社會的公民實踐。既高度黑箱化且無形的數據的編寫及分析,塑造著人們對事情的觀察,感知,日常決策以至行動。科技巨頭將產業的工序保持高度機密,並開發各樣服務以獲取全方位的行為數據的同時,社會監管無法趕得上科技發展的步伐。資訊世界裡累積的知識失衡的結果,是我們變得越來越失去掌握數據的能力的同時,企業既有的利益和權力進一步被鞏固。





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