Views of the WMC_e4: exhibits & lecturesViews of the WMC_e4: exhibits & lectures

Views of the WMC_e4: exhibits & lectures

Video documentation of WMC_e4 《文字機器創作集》第四輯錄像傳真 by Jim Lam


Zoie So’s Mediated Facial welcomes visitors at the entrance of Youth Square with a warm-up exercise on computed processes without a computer… [below]


2 high-views of the Gestus set of 15 moving-image gestures by Hector Rodriguez… [below]


Justin Wong turns his comics library into an animation of combinatorial narrative for a City Forum on HK politics… [below]


Linda Lai and Gary Ng’s Scriptorium tests the precarious nature of the assembly line… [below]


2 Lectures on computational thinking, cinema, and creativity on January 22, 2011

Dr. Kenny Chow (HK Polytechnic University – School of Design) discussed the multifarious manifestation of computational thinking in “Cognition, Computation, and Creativity” … [below]

Dr. Hector Rodriguez (Associate Dean of City University of Hong Kong’s School of Creative Media) discussed the necessity of computation to form an archive in his creative critique of the history of cinema in “Cinema, Gesture, and Computation”… [below]