a work per day (2): Zoie So’s WEATHER FORECASTING 氣象預測a work per day (2): Zoie So’s WEATHER FORECASTING 氣象預測

a work per day (2): Zoie So’s WEATHER FORECASTING 氣象預測


Weather Forecasting
Weather Forecasting


– 蘇慧怡 Zoie So

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“It is miraculous how the sun in our solar system beautifully interplays with water in all its forms on Earth to bring a variety of life-forms and the very conditions necessary for life itself. Here on Earth we humans feel impelled to predict and to prepare. Will it rain tomorrow? Should I bring a jacket along? Looking at the sky, how can we predict the weather? How far and beyond the clouds and past the stratosphere should we probe to obtain relevant climate data? How much can we learn about the past from weather fluctuations? How profound is our knowledge of the correlations of energies and forces in the universe with the climate? Is our technology sophisticated enough to accurately measure the data and really make sense of it? Do we understand the relationship between air pressure on our bodies and the forces that have kept planets, stars, and galaxies swinging for billions upon billions of years? Every humble measurement and prediction itself is a single solid stroke of the sketch of an ever-moving figure. I feel rather small thinking about this, but also feel a certain bliss having the chance to experience this grand world and its vital impulse.” – Zoie So

DSCF0075_reducedZoie’s work features the spheres of light art, electronic art, mechanical design, digital graphics and programming at interplay, communicating to yield sculptures,multimedia installations and performances of diverse nature. She finds that deep engagement in the practice of art is a holistic process that reveals the active connections taking effect in life, society, nature and the universe between micro and macro spectra in all fields, which lead the artist and the audience in turn to a comprehensive sense of intimate issues.This time her Weather Forecasting starts with some of da Vinci’s weather notes, and studies in meteorology and paleoclimatology, while various forms of water are at play, leading us to experience the grand universe through the very small and close to us.



Weather Forecasting
Weather Forecasting







About Zoie SO

Zoie So
Zoie So 蘇慧怡

Zoie So is currently a senior lecturer in the Visual Studies Department of Lingnan University. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Media from the City University of Hong Kong in 2004 and then went on, with the support of several scholarships and art grants, to complete her Master of Fine Arts degree in Studio Arts: Open Media at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada, in 2008. Her works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Montreal, Milan, Ptuj and Geneva. Her public work Photosynthesis in Motion was commissioned by the Tamar Public Art Project, while Mediated Landscape was also selected for the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Awards 2012. In WMC_e4 (2010), Zoie So exhibited an interactive sculpture, Mediated Facial.


Weather Forecasting
Weather Forecasting

A few useful works recommended by Zoie So:

– Harper, Kristine C., 2012: Weather by the Numbers: the Genesis of Modern Meteorology. MIT Press.

Kristine Harper tells the story of the transformation of meteorology, from a “guessing science” into a sophisticated scientific discipline based on physics and mathematics.

– Pretor-Pinney, Gavin, 2007: The Cloud Spotter’s Guide: the Science, History, and Culture of Clouds. Perigee Trade.

Written by a founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society, the book is about an international group of meteorologists, cloud physicists, pilots, photographers and non-professional, which up to now has about 35,000 members and accumulated a lot of material about clouds across various national and cultural groups.

– Carpenter, Clive, 1991: Changing World of Weather. Facts on File.

This book highlights many moments of “outstanding” weather condition in history and concepts in Paleoclimatology, posing questions about long-term and short-term forecasting.

– Charles Aldarondo and the distributed Proofreaders team, 1888: The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci; trans. Jean Paul Richter.

– Schwarzbach, Martin, 2002: Climates of the Past: An Introduction to Paleoclimatology. UMI Books.



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