a work per day (6): Jess Lau’s energy flow in A FADING PIECE 消失之中a work per day (6): Jess Lau’s energy flow in A FADING PIECE 消失之中

a work per day (6): Jess Lau’s energy flow in A FADING PIECE 消失之中


The Fading Piece at Connecting Space-Zurich (2014.10.09)
The Fading Piece at Connecting Space-Zurich (2014.10.09)



– Jess Lau 劉清華

Stop motion animation (20 minutes) / [video documentation…]





It has already gone too far.
Who knows when? Who knows how? It just gradually happens.
We remains,
Wandering randomly,
On the streets, Into the alleys,
And in our faintly discernible memories.
One day,
Seems to be secretly,
Or quietly,
It comes.
Again, It comes.

The Fading Piece is a duo stop-motion animation with sound. The animation on the right shows a diminishing pastel while the one on the left reveals the development of a line-drawing on the Kwun Tong landscape, simultaneously, line by line. Gradually, the skyline of the city is covered by black strokes left by the pastel.


The Fading Piece (2014, Jess Lau)
The Fading Piece (2014, Jess Lau) @WMC_e5, Connecting Space-HK

Substances and energies are unceasingly circulating and transforming. A stop-motion animation in the virtual world formed when the pastel in reality transformed into the scenery (Kwun Tong landscape) on paper, simultaneously, line by line. The animation is the recorder as well as the carrier of the energy.

I spent around half a year, 4 to 5 hours a day, to make this stop motion animation. Alongside every stroke I made, I had to record the drawing and also the pastel. I repeated around 14,000 times to finish it. Unlike other animations, I highlighted the process of the creation of animation, an all-along meditative process of making as it happened.


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Jess Ching-wa Lau – a media and illustration artist, born in Hong Kong, 1991. Her works often contemplate the relations between animation and contemporary arts in general.


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