WMC_e6 第六輯Hidden Variables 歧路結節 開合解謎

STEM to STEAM: Writing Moving Images with Mathematics 用數學寫會動的影像:歡迎理科同學思考藝術創作

wmc_e6 2018.10.05 | 歧路結節,開合解謎 Hidden Variables: Forking Paths of Visuality and Technology | 羅海德 Hector RODRIGUEZ | 27.09.2018 – 15.10.2018 (11:am – 07:00pm) | 06.10.2018 guided tour (2:00pm) and talk (3:00pm) | 上環文娛中心6樓展覽廳 Exhibition Hall, 6th floor, Sheung Wan Civic Centre | 歡迎理科的中學老師和同學 welcome secondary school science students and teachers

Hector Rodriguez, “Kinematograph” (2008)

羅海德 (Hector Rodriguez) 的個人展覽《歧路結節,開合解謎》,透過數碼媒體藝術探索科學理論及科技應用的潛藏可能。作品涉及的科學概念甚廣,由抽象的數學理論以至各個範疇中的應用數學,如光學、量子力學、訊息科技等,以影像作為起點,引領觀眾走進思考的迴廊。展覽亦設有閱讀室,讓觀眾可按圖索驥,閱覽作品創作過程及理念相關的資料,擴展觀賞經驗。

展出作品所涵蓋的數學理念包括「逼近/近似值理論」(approximation theory)、拐點/反曲點」 (inflection points)、正[交]投影」(orthogonal projection)、「混沌理論」(chaos theory)、「澤爾尼克多項式」(Zernike polynomials)、「單形體積最大化」(simplex volume maximization)、「非負矩陣分解」(non-negative matrix factorization)、和「不確定性原理」(uncertainty principle)

羅氏於大學任教多年,對教育年輕一代不遺餘力,特別希望透過是次展覽提供日常課堂以外嶄新的學習體驗,以新近的 STEM/STEAM 生動教學模式,利用影像或數碼印本呈現複雜抽象的概念,亦以此鼓勵學生跨學科思考,擺脫既定思維路線,投入並享受學習過程。主辦方可安排導覽,為學生提供作品介紹及解答疑問,歡迎查詢預約。

***預約及查詢:「文字機器創作集」第六輯展覽監製 鄧志韜 | 電話:65748872 或電郵 writingmachinecollective.e6@gmail.com 

In his solo exhibition “Hidden Variables: forking paths of visuality and technology,” Hector Rodriguez explores the hidden potential of applying technology and scientific theory through digital art creation. His works engage in a broad range of scientific concepts, from mathematical abstraction to applied mathematics in different disciplines, such as optics, quantum mechanics, information technology and so on. He takes imaging to be his starting point, and lead visitors into a unique cloister of thoughts. As part of the exhibition, a reading room in the central region makes available the bulk of research that has accompanied the artist’s creative process, from both the sciences and the humanities. Visitors are free to browse through the material to make their free connection between the works and the research. It will be a fun experience to join the dots.

Mathematical concepts used in the works on display include “approximation theory,” “inflection points,” “orthogonal projection,” “chaos theory,” “Zernike polynomials,” “simplex volume maximization,” “non-negative matrix factorization,” and the “uncertainty principle.”

Hector Rodriguez teaches computational and digital art and new media theory at the School of Creative Media, and is dedicated to softening the great divide between the arts and the sciences among the young generation. In the exhibition “Hidden Variables,” he exercises what is recently known as “STEM to STEAM” pedagogic model to generate new experiences outside the classroom for young people. His mathematically generated digital prints and videos visualize for us abstract concepts. Young visitors are encouraged to think cross-disciplinarily, to think out of the box, and to enjoy learning new concepts.

The general public is welcome to contact us to set up guided tours during the exhibition period.

Contacts: Tobias Tang (Exhibition Producer)
Mobile: 65748872 | Email: writingmachinecollective.e6@gmail.com