WMC_e5 第五輯

Talk 講座

Abstract Spaces

19.10.2014 (Sunday) 4:00 – 5:30pm
Connecting Space-HK, Fort Street No. 18-20, North Point
Hector Rodriguez and Felipe Cucker

In this talk, software artist Hector Rodriguez will describe in detail the creative process leading to the production of his recent work Theorem 8 (2013), now on show at the 5th Writing Machine Collective exhibition. The main challenge of the project was to transform an abstract mathematical concept into a visual artwork. In particular, the basic idea for this piece is to assert and explore the geometric structure of digital images. The artist will outline this conception and the process of developing it. While the content of this talk necessarily contains mathematical ideas, these will be presented in an elementary way suitable for a non-technical audience.

This talk offers a unique opportunity for audiences to experience a very detailed and in-depth description of the production of a specific work of art, from the standpoint of its creator.

The mathematical consultant to the project was Felipe Cucker, Chair Professor of Mathematics at the City University of Hong Kong. Professor Cucker is the co-presenter of the talk.


Talk 講座

No ideas. Just things. The Hatter’s wisdom and an exhibition about writing. Or reading

19.10.2014 (Sunday) 5:30 – 6:00pm
Connecting Space-HK, Fort Street No. 18-20, North Point
Harald Kraemer (School of Creative Media City, University of Hong Kong 城大創意媒體副教授)

Talk 講座

Datafied Research
(Transmediale series / Transmediale 短講對話系列) – an evening of short position papers

19.10.2014 (Sunday) 7:15pm
Connecting Space-HK, Fort Street No. 18-20, North Point

Christian Ulrik Andersen (丹麥DK), Manuel Bürger (德國GER), Geoff Cox (英國UK/丹麥DK), Søren Pold (丹麥DK), Jane Prophet (英國UK/香港HK), Daniel Howe (美國US/香港HK), Damien Charrieras (法國FRA/香港HK)

The Transmediale Series is organized by the Participatory IT Research Centre, Aarhus University,
transmediale/reSource, and the School of Creative Media, the City University of Hong Kong.

Workshop 工作坊

Digital Data Funeral: ne.me.quittes.pas

12.10.2014 (Sunday) 3:00 – 5:00pm
Connecting Space-HK, Fort Street No. 18-20, North Point
Audrey Samson (新媒體學博士候選人 / 藝術家Ph.D. researcher in new media and Artist)
Conducted in Language / Free admissions

This workshop examines the different forms of digital data traces that we (often involuntarily) leave online. How is our data being used? How do issues of privacy, data ownership, surveillance and cyberbullying relate to networked digital data? In the workshop we discuss these issues and we think about how data deletion can be a form of gesture against quantification and surveillance. We will think about creative ways we could ritualize the erasure of data and what kind of personal data we would like to delete. No technical experience is required.

我們日常 (非自願性) 在網絡上遺下的不同形式的電子數據,將如何被取用?工作坊會討論有關的私隱、數據所有權、監控及網上欺凌的相關議題,亦會觸及銷毀數據作為一種抵擋人被數量化的反監控的行動。個人有什麼數據希望可以永久銷毀?如何以創意的儀式去銷毀數據?這些都是工作坊會觸及的。參加者不需要任何技術性的經驗。