WMC_e6 第六輯

(G)Local Empathy System


  • Date 日期
  • 01 – 20.09.2018 | 11:00 – 19:00
  • Venue 地點
  • Exhibition Hall, 6/F, Sheung Wan Civic Centre 上環文娛中心6樓展覽廳
  • Participating Artists 參展藝術家
  • NG Tsz Kwan 吳子昆

Adapting his professional expertise in multimedia experience design, NG Tsz-kwan reproduces the ubiquitous presence of moving images in our daily surroundings onto the exhibition site. By doing so, he exposes our visual culture’s lure of consumption and shifts our attention to the fact that technology, and in this case display devices for moving images, are no neutral presence . The on-site labyrinth of screens and projections mocks the myriads of images that scream at us in every corner of our public space. Where commodities are replaced with ordinary melodramas, contrastive display devices and viewing distance deconstruct a balanced viewing journey into shock and chaos. Fragments of emotional drama stir up visitors’ remembrance of something familiar and not quite. Ng’s [G]Local Empathy System follows Expanded Cinema’s basic principle of revitalizing moving images by highlighting the visitors’ physical presence in a dynamic space, hence encouraging active viewing through spatial mobility.

展覽引用吳子昆專業專長「經驗設計」(experience design) 的多媒體語法,著我們意識到影像在鬧烘烘的都市生活裡無時無刻發揮著宣傳商品的遊說作用。吳發揮藝術的批評思考,在展場擺設了一個路路不同的陣,又或說是崎嶇迂迴的遊走路徑,「重演」街頭巷尾大小屏幕撞臉蓋天的情境。這回商品變成通俗劇電影的哭笑怒罵,卻因著大小不一的屏幕以及屏幕與觀者之間的距離,構成撞擊高於和諧的觀賞旅程。觀者或拾得似曾相識的戲劇情感碎片;這兒一大片,那兒一小塊,像召喚訪者,又像把他們排拒於丈外。「膨脹電影」的活化作用,其基調在於播放媒體的物質條件在展場空間裡的調度,而觀者,就不能再被動的接收。



NG Tsz-kwan graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and, in 2000, earned his Master’s degree at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London. Kwan continues to lecture in multimedia, electronic arts and design-related departments of various Universities and Institutions throughout Hong Kong. He has long devoted to electronic and video art, and has exhibited in London, Berlin, New York, Helsinki, Japan and Korea, in addition to numerous local exhibitions. He applies interactive media design to art, commercial and exhibition sectors, and persistent in exploring the use of different media for integrated design solutions for his clients. In 2007, Perspective Magazine commended him as one of the 40 outstanding design professionals under the age of 40 in Greater China. Kwan remains the Co-founder and Executive Creative Director of yU+co.[lab} since 2006 when he partnered his interactive multi-media design company, N.T. Lab, with award-winning Hollywood-based creative design firm yU+co., giving rise to yU+co.[lab].

吳子昆,yU+co. [lab} 的創辦人及執行創意總監,公司是由他早年創立的多媒體設計公司N.T. Lab 與荷李活創作設計公司yU+co. 合作而成。他於1997 年獲香港中文大學學士,主修藝術;並於2000 年獲英國中央聖馬丁藝術設計學院碩士。專注創作互動媒體裝置,作品多次於本港及海外展出。亦擅 長互動媒體在不同層面的應用,並曾於多間本地大專院校任教相關科目。2007 年獲《透視》雜誌選 為「四十驕子」之一,該獎項授予大中華地區40 位40 歲以下的傑出設計師。